Polish Zloty Exchange Rate - PLN Rate

Polish Zloty Exchange Rate - PLN Rate - Currency Converter and Currency Exchange Rate Calculator

Exchange Rates: USD/EUR = 0.848 USD/GBP = 0.74426 USD/JPY = 112.215 USD/CHF = 0.9874 EUR/USD = 1.17925 GBP/USD = 1.34362 JPY/USD = 0.00891 CHF/USD = 1.01276
Polish Zloty Exchange Rates - Polish Zloty Currency Converter - PLN Rate

Welcome to the Polish Zloty(PLN) Exchange Rates and Polish Zloty Currency Converter page . View this currency rate table to compare the Polish Zloty to all other currencies. You can click the " Convert Link" to view more information about the Polish Zloty against foreign currencies, such as historical exchange rates and so on.

Europe 1 PLN in PLN
EUR Euro PLN To EUR 0.2366 4.2258
CHF Swiss Franc PLN To CHF 0.2755 3.6292
CZK Czech Koruna PLN To CZK 6.0826 0.1644
DKK Danish Krone PLN To DKK 1.7621 0.5675
GBP Pound Sterling PLN To GBP 0.2077 4.8148
ISK Icelandic Krona PLN To ISK 29.2954 0.0341
NOK Norwegian Krone PLN To NOK 2.3123 0.4325
RON Romanian Leu PLN To RON 1.0955 0.9128
RUB Russian Ruble PLN To RUB 16.3997 0.061
SEK Swedish Krona PLN To SEK 2.3537 0.4249
HRK Croatian Kuna PLN To HRK 1.7851 0.5602
BGN Bulgarian Lev PLN To BGN 0.4608 2.1702
RSD Serbian Dinar PLN To RSD 28.1066 0.0356
North America 1 PLN in PLN
CAD Canadian Dollar PLN To CAD 0.356 2.8092
JMD Jamaican Dollar PLN To JMD 34.7509 0.0288
MXN Mexican Peso PLN To MXN 5.3352 0.1874
USD United States Dollar PLN To USD 0.2791 3.5835
Asia 1 PLN in PLN
CNY Chinese Yuan PLN To CNY 1.8443 0.5422
HKD Hong Kong Dollar PLN To HKD 2.1788 0.459
IDR Indonesian Rupiah PLN To IDR 3787.6378 0.0003
JPY Japanese Yen PLN To JPY 31.3144 0.0319
KRW South Korean Won PLN To KRW 303.5719 0.0033
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee PLN To LKR 42.7375 0.0234
MYR Malaysian Ringgit PLN To MYR 1.1394 0.8777
NPR Nepalese Rupee PLN To NPR 28.725 0.0348
PHP Philippine Peso PLN To PHP 14.0896 0.071
PKR Pakistani Rupee PLN To PKR 30.5567 0.0327
INR Indian rupee PLN To INR 17.9366 0.0558
SGD Singapore Dollar PLN To SGD 0.3753 2.6644
THB Thai Baht PLN To THB 9.061 0.1104
TRY Turkish Lira PLN To TRY 1.0849 0.9217
VND Vietnamese Dong PLN To VND 6335.7053 0.0002
TWD Taiwanese Dollar PLN To TWD 8.367 0.1195
IRR Iranian Rial PLN To IRR 9934.1426 0.0001
AED UAE dirham PLN To AED 1.0248 0.9758
BHD Bahraini Dinar PLN To BHD 0.1052 9.5078
ILS Israeli Sheqel PLN To ILS 0.9815 1.0188
JOD Jordanian Dinar PLN To JOD 0.197 5.0758
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar PLN To KWD 0.0842 11.8718
LBP Lebanese Pound PLN To LBP 421.9339 0.0024
OMR Omani Rial PLN To OMR 0.1072 9.332
QAR Qatari Riyal PLN To QAR 1.0157 0.9845
SAR Saudi Riyal PLN To SAR 1.0464 0.9557
IQD Iraqi Dinar PLN To IQD 330.4032 0.003
ARS Argentine Peso PLN To ARS 4.8637 0.2056
BRL Brazilian Real PLN To BRL 0.9325 1.0724
CLP Chilean Peso PLN To CLP 178.0661 0.0056
VEF Venezuelan bolívar PLN To VEF 2.7836 0.3592
BOB Bolivian Boliviano PLN To BOB 1.9143 0.5224
COP Colombian Peso PLN To COP 835.496 0.0012
UYU Uruguayan Peso PLN To UYU 8.0452 0.1243
AUD Australian Dollar PLN To AUD 0.3636 2.7502
NZD New Zealand Dollar PLN To NZD 0.399 2.5063
EGP Egyptian Pound PLN To EGP 4.9756 0.201
KES Kenyan Shilling PLN To KES 28.7568 0.0348
MAD Moroccan Dirham PLN To MAD 2.6365 0.3793
NAD Namibian dollar PLN To NAD 3.767 0.2655
NGN Nigerian Naira PLN To NGN 99.9023 0.01
ZAR South African Rand PLN To ZAR 3.7664 0.2655
XAF Central African Franc PLN To XAF 155.1193 0.0064
XOF West African Franc PLN To XOF 161.2948 0.0062

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